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The Nortura farmers

Nortura is owned by 16,000 farmers running small and large farms across the country. Egg and meat are delivered from farms all over the country, most of them with farming traditions customized to local traditions based on knowledge inherited through generations. The Nortura farmer is also co-owner and can participate in decicions regarding how the company is run. 

Get to know the Nortura farmer - owner and supplier

We are Nortura. 16,000 professional business owners with their boots on. Literally. We supply the country with eggs and meat from small livestock, cattle, pigs and poultry.

We are farmers. Our farms are located where they have always been, all over the country, with different production and climate conditions. We cultivate the soil. We sow and reap. We send sheep to the mountains. Cow on pasture. Indoors, the pig rummages around in activity material and the chicken splashes around in a peat bath. We utilize the resources that can only become food via a livestock stomach.

None of us are the same. We are the 58-year-old who recently built a chicken house and the 29-year-old who delivers lambs with the best slaughter results in the country. We are small and slightly larger, full-time and part-time farmers. We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, career people, football coaches, nurses and union representatives. What we all have in common is that we run an industry that is adapted to the resource base on each individual farm.

We take in new calves, euthanize a piglet with brain damage, inseminate the cow, call the vet because the cow just like the calf won't get up. We stand with our arms in the birth canal of a ewe to save a lamb. We have amniotic fluid and dirt on our boots, on our trousers and on our fists.

Our farms have been in the family for generations, and handed on to the next generation in better condition than when we bought them ourselves. What is more sustainable than that? Over time we have changed and developed. We have streamlined and modernized. Adapted to us new laws, rules and guidelines.

At Nortura, we are not just suppliers of raw materials. We are also members and owners. Feel free to call our company a "food giant" if you like. But don't forget that Nortura is the farmer's company, owned by us who go to the barn every day. Who gets up at night when the alarm goes off. Who drives a tractor through the night, to harvest that winter fodder. And that keeps the land and the tradition alive. We live in harmony with nature. And we are proud of the work we put in.

As you might understand, we are busy running farms. That is why we have joined forces and established the Nortura cooperative, who can take care of transport, slaughtering, further distribution and sales.

Norwegian sheep, goats and cattle graze along the coast and in the mountains, utilising resources that can only become human food through the stomach of livestock. In other areas, where conditions are more suitable for grain production, we find higher concentrations of eggs, chicken, turkey and pork is produced. Animal species that eat grain-based fodder. Farms in Norway are generally smaller than those found in Europe and other parts of the world. This also reflects our farmers, who include both hobby producers and larger producers.